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Knee Walker Rentals

Are you planning to have foot or ankle surgery?  Worried about how you are going to get around and maintain your active lifestyle hobbled by crutches?   Being on crutches is no fun!  Pain under the arms, no way to carry your stuff, awkward to put into the car.

Well - worry no more because you've found the solution!   A Knee Walker or Knee Scooter (as they are sometimes referred) from Reliable Medical Supply will get you back on your feet (literally!) in a matter of days.  Such a huge improvement over the crutches of the past, and it's so simple, you'll find it more of a cool toy than a medical device.

So what makes it so special?

First - it's super intuitive.  Without any instruction at all, you'll already know how to operate it.  Simply rest your injured leg on the padded platform, and push with your good leg to propel yourself.  

Second - it's portable.  It weighs very little, folds up, and can fit in the trunk of your car.

Finally - it's cool!   Seriously - you'll need to keep an eye on your scooter because your friends will all want to try it out!

We offer both Adult and Junior models and each of them have height-adjustable handles to get you the perfect fit.  

Available for pickup at our office, or delivered to you for a small fee.   


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