Keeping your CPAP mask is clean is critical to your health.  But some of us don't have time every day to take it apart, wipe it down with a special cleaner, and reassemble it, before we go to bed at night.  

Introducing automated CPAP cleaners!  From programmable models to manual units, there is a cleaner in every price range ready to meet your daily cleaning needs.

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  • SoClean Cartridge Filter Replacement Kit

    Love the results you get from your SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner & Sanitizer!  Then make sure you keep it working at its best by replacing the Cartridge Filter Kit on...
  • SoClean CPAP Cleaner & Sanitizer ($50 Rebate Now!!!) - Active Lifestyle Store SoClean CPAP Cleaner & Sanitizer ($50 Rebate Now!!!) - Active Lifestyle Store

    SoClean CPAP Cleaner & Sanitizer ($50 Rebate Now!!!)

    The World's First Automated CPAP Cleaner & Sanitizer! Enjoy a $50 Rebate on all SoClean purchases through February 28, 2021.  Simply click this link to download the form.  Regular retail is...
  • SoClean Neutralizing Pre-Wash 8oz Bottle

    With the help of your SoClean CPAP Cleaner & Sanitizer, you're having no problem keeping your CPAP mask clean.  But like all things disposable, at some point, you will need...
  • Lumin UV Disinfecting Cleaner - Active Lifestyle Store Lumin UV Disinfecting Cleaner - Active Lifestyle Store

    Lumin UV Disinfecting Cleaner

    The Lumin UV Disinfecting Cleaner operates with a specialized high power UV-C light source, that is targeted at the narrow range of light proven to kill harmful bacteria, viruses, mold and fungus...
  • Zoey Replacement Filter & Check Valve

    Filter and Check Valve Kit Zoey's Filter and Check Valve Kit includes 1 filter and 1 check valve. You'll need to replace both items after 120 cycles, when Zoey displays...
  • Sleep8 USB Charger

    This micro USB charger is designed to power up the Sleep8 device. To ensure safety and maintain the warranty, we recommend only using this charger with your Sleep8 device.
  • Sleep8 Replacement Filter Bag

    Inside the Sleep8 filter bag is where the magic happens. Once the Sleep8 device is connected to this filter bag, all enclosed CPAP components can be simply and safely cleaned....
  • Sleep8 CPAP/BiPAP Cleaner & Sanitizer Sleep8 CPAP/BiPAP Cleaner & Sanitizer

    Sleep8 CPAP/BiPAP Cleaner & Sanitizer

    The Sleep8 Cleaner & Sanitizer is a high quality unit that cleans your CPAP/BiPAP mask, tubing, and even the water chamber.   Unlike the cheap knock-offs found on eBay and Facebook,...
  • Zoey Heated Hose Adapter (Various Options)

    If your CPAP or BiPAP machines has a heated tube/hose, then you might need an Adapter to connect it with your Zoey Automated CPAP Cleaner.  The adapter simply replaces the...
  • Zoey Automated CPAP Cleaner Zoey Automated CPAP Cleaner

    Zoey Automated CPAP Cleaner

    We're all in a hurry these days and let's be honest, who wants to wash your CPAP masks and humidifier chamber every day!  Well with Zoey, cleaning your equipment is...
  • SoClean Heated Hose Adapter (Various Options)

    Certain PAP machines using a Heated Hose will require an adapter to connect it to the SoClean cleaning machine.  We offer all adapters currently available from the manufacturer, and provide...
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