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Knee Walker Sizing

For the most comfortable and safest operation it is important to get measured before selecting the ideal knee walker. Height ranges provided by manufacturers are intended to serve as a general guide, but since everyone’s legs and torsos are different proportions, measurement is the best way to be sure. When measuring, we recommend wearing shoes that you will typically be wearing while operating the knee walker.


  • A tape measure
  • Something solid to safely balance yourself with, such as a chair or counter
  • An assistant to take the measurement is recommended

Once balanced, bend your leg that will be on the knee walker to a 90 degree angle. Please ensure that you are standing up straight and not leaning. Next, measure the distance from the bottom of your bent knee to the floor (see figure).

Note that all of our knee walker products feature adjustable knee pad and handlebar height to ensure you can dial in the most comfortable operation with proper posture. Please see the images which demonstrate proper posture. You will notice that the handlebar is set at waist height so the arms and hands are in a comfortable position. You can also see that the hips are even, with the uninjured foot flat on the ground, and the injured leg is at a 90 degree angle.

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